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Drop-In Services

At Success we offer a wide variety of drop-in services. Whether your dog just needs a quick, while-u-wait nail trim, or a last minute Mini-Groom before the company arrives, you can drop them by almost anytime and we’ll be able to accommodate you. Listed below are some of our most popular Drop-In Services, but if you need something done that you don’t see below then just give us a call. Please call for exact prices where prices are not provided.

Express Bath                                                             $

We normally schedule 1.5 hours for this service. It includes bathing, towel drying, air force drying, and 30 minutes of kennel drying time. Great for longer or thicker coated dogs that really just need a bath. Add Nails or Glands for just $7 extra. One hour of aftercare is included.

Bath & Blast                                                               $

Normally the Bath & Blast is done in an hour or so. Included are bathing, towel drying, and air force drying. Better for shorter coated dogs that don’t take too long to dry on their own. Add Nails or Glands for just $7 extra. One hour of aftercare is included.

Basic Bath                                                                  $

This is just a bath and towel dry. It’s fine for smooth coated dogs, and great for owners in a hurry. We normally schedule an hour for it, but we have been known to do it on a while-u-wait basis. Add Nails or Glands for just $7 extra. One hour of aftercare is included.

Mini-Groom                                                                $$

This two hour service includes an Express Bath, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, and a 10 Minute Brushout. It’s a super quick, low-cost alternative to a full groom, and perfect for low maintenance dogs, or for any dog between grooms. Add Glands for only $7 extra. One hour of aftercare is included.

Bath & Brush                                                              $$

While normally full grooms require appointments, we can typically do Bath & Brushes on smooth or short-coated dogs on a drop-in basis as long as we have enough time left in the day. We also can usually accommodate small long-haired dogs, or large long-haired dogs whose coats are in good condition. Call for details.

While-U-Wait Services

The services below are done while you wait, and typically take only five to ten minutes to complete.

Nail Trimming                                                     Price: $9

Tidy Feet                                                            Price: $15

Clean Feet                                                           Price: $15

Tidy Eye Area                                                      Price: $4

Tidy Bangs and Eye Area                                      Price: $7

Tidy Face                                                             Price: $12

Includes eye area, bangs, and scissoring. Demat is extra.

Face Shave                                                           Price: $9

Poodle style reverse 10. Includes eyelash trim if desired.

Ear Cleaning                                                         Price: $6

Ear Pluck and Clean                                              Price: $8

Tidy Ears                                                              Price: $4

Demat is extra.

Bum Shave                                                            Price: $4-7

Glands                                                                  Price: $15

Includes bum wash and towel dry.

10 Minute Brushout                                               Price: $9

Advantage II Flea Treatments                                Price: $8-$14

Price depends on weight. Call for details.