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Full Grooming Packages

All Full Grooming Packages include bathing, drying, brushing/deshedding, ear cleaning, nail trimming, pad shave, bum shave, and 10 minutes of free demat. Extra charges may apply for specialty shampoos, additional demat and dogs that require special handling. Please call for exact prices.

Custom Clips                                                             $$$$

Many of our customers have very specific ideas as to how they want their dog to look, and we are more than happy to accommodate special grooming requests. In fact most of the haircuts we do have some degree of owner customization. We keep very detailed records of each groom we do, so it’s very easy for us to make changes, big or small, from previous grooms. Feel free to let your imagination run wild–we love the challenge!

Breed Clips                                                               $$$$

As an all-breed dog grooming shop, we offer classic pet breed clips for any and all pure breeds. Doing Breed Clips is probably our favourite thing, because it lets us use orthodox breed guidelines to really enhance the dog’s appearance. We love the look of smartly trimmed dogs in their breed’s traditional haircut. Breed Clips may be customized as well.

Modified Show Grooms                                              $$$$

Pure breed pet grooming guidelines sometimes vary from show guidelines. If you want your dog to have all that flash of a show dog, then this is the groom for you. We call them “modified” because while many show dogs are hand stripped, we instead use clippers to achieve the same kind of look. Hand-stripping is something we offer, but only on a case by case basis (some dog’s don’t like it!)

Puppy Cuts                                                               $$$

Without a doubt the puppy cut is the most popular pet clip we do. Also known as the “Teddy Bear Clip” it involves trimming the dog’s coat down to a uniform length (10-25 mm or longer) on the body and legs. Normally the head and tail are done to the owner’s specifications. We can do the puppy cut on almost any dog–including semi-longhaired dogs like Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs. The Puppy Cut has many of the advantages of the Utility Clip (below), but leaves the dog with a fuller appearance.

Utility Clips                                                               $$

Otherwise known as the “Shave-off”, this haircut is both much loved and much hated. It’s essentially the same as a Puppy Cut (above), but shorter all around, and doesn’t require the costly demat that is sometimes required for longer haircuts. While we offer Utility Clips in three different lengths, the most popular is the Utility 7F which leaves the coat about 3 mm deep on legs and body. The people who love it appreciate how little maintenance a freshly shaved dog requires–they shed less, track in less dirt, and don’t require brushing or combing. The people who hate it think it makes the dog look too skinny and/or too bald. Either way, dogs almost always love it–especially in the summer heat.

Daisy Cut                                                                  $$$$

The Daisy Cut is a basically a hybrid of the Puppy Cut and the Utility Clip, and is best described as short on the body, but long on the legs. This haircut provides some of the advantages of a Utility Clip, but prevents the dog’s legs from looking too skinny. Overall it gives dogs a more robust, proportional appearance. It’s a nice little haircut, but has waned in popularity over the last 25 years. Let’s bring it back!

The Nikki Cut                                                            $$$$

This is a Success original, named after the owners’ Cocker Spaniel. For seventeen and half years she was groomed in a very particular style that eventually took her name. It’s basically the same as a daisy cut, but the guidelines on the front legs are lower and the chest is shaved to the same length as the body. This is a great look for dogs with cobby bodies and skinny legs.

The Kennel Cut                                                          $$$$

The Kennel cut is the traditional pet Poodle Clip. It’s actually a modification of the typical haircut given to show Poodles as puppies. It features fuller legs, a shorter body, and the classic clean feet and face, that give this breed clip it’s distinctive appearance. A pom-pom tail and a round, well-defined topknot complete the look.

The Super Seven                                                        $$

This is another Success original. It’s the most popular of the three “one-blade-wonder grooms” we offer. Basically from nose to toes, and the tip of the tail, the dog will be shaved down with a 7F blade to a depth of a mere 3 mm. The groom is the ultimate in practicality, but not for the faint of heart. The “Fab Five” and the “Fantastic Four” are the slight longer, and slightly less radical of the “one-blade-wonders grooms.”

Bath and Brushes                                                       $$

If your dog is a bit of a mess, but doesn’t need a haircut, then this is the groom for them. When we’re done, they’ll be clean, free of mats and excess undercoat, but otherwise completely natural looking. While this is technically a Full Grooming Package, we can usually offer these on a drop-in basis. Call for details.

Custom Bath, Brush and Tidy                                      $$

This highly customizable groom is for dogs that need a bath and brush, but also a bit of trimming and tidying. While this is a great choice for long-coated dogs like Shih Tzus and Doodles between haircuts, most of our Bath, Brush and Tidies are done on the semi-longhaired breeds like Goldens, Aussies, and Border Collies. While you can finely adjust many parameters of the Bath, Brush, and Tidy, for short and very short tidies there is an additional cost. If you prefer a standard groom for a standard price, then you might opt for the Neat and Natural below.

The Neat and Natural                                                  $$

This is our standard groom for semi-longhaired dogs. It includes just the standard tidying of the feet, fringes, and pants, and so maintains a neat, but natural appearance.